Padman Automation Products for Horticulture Farming. 


PAMS (Padman Agriculture Management System)

PAMS (Padman Agriculture Management System) is the portal and management system that is the backbone of Padman Stops’ IoT system.

Control & Scheduling

  • Bay outlet operation

  • Channel regulators

  • Pipeline valves


  • Flow meters

  • Soil moisture probes

  • Water quality sensors

  • Pressure sensors

  • Vat temperature sensors

  • Channel levels

  • Pivot irrigators

  • Water pumps

  • Battery condition

  • Water tank levels

  • Stock troughs

  • Dam levels

  • Fuel tank levels

  • Grain bins

  • Ambient temperature

  • Wind speed

Alerts & Messaging

  • Operation confirmation

  • Low Levels

  • High levels


BayWatcher PRO

The BayWatcher PRO is a rugged, portable sensor that is designed for detecting water as it moves across an irrigated area.

  • Surface Irrigation

  • Flood events

SoilWatcher PRO

The SoilWatcher PRO is an economical solution to allow the monitoring of basic soil moisture parameters over the PAMS IoT system from several locations on-farm.

  • Soil moisture monitoring


The WaterWatcher is designed to integrate water depth or water height measurement devices or sensors with the PAMS IoT network.

  • Dam levels

  • Stock troughs

  • Water tank levels


The MultiWatcher is designed to integrate any form of measurement device or sensor with the PAMS IoT network.

  • Fuel tank levels

  • Silo levels

  • Grain bins

For all enquiries please contact Grant Oswald on 0448 097 308